an advanced educational center in southwest Moscow

Level Group
3.36 hectares

What will the new educational center be like, where the student, not the teacher, is at the center?

"Letovo.Kids" and "Letovo.Junior" form a comfortable developmental environment that will help children kindly and unobtrusively take the first step into the world of communication and learning. The concept of the new educational center is based on a careful approach, based on respect for the child's personality, and the desire to unlock his or her intellectual and creative potential.
The task of Citymakers within the project was to organize the selection of the best architectural solution to implement this mission. To do this, we drew up a portrait of future users, analyzed the environment and the limitations of the territory, formed a place program and a functional program, and packaged the principles of building and interior design and mandatory technical requirements into a bilingual brief.
The Citymakers team organized an international competition to develop an architectural concept for the new educational center "Letovo" in Moscow, and prescribed project evaluation criteria for a jury of architecture and education experts. The challenge for the Citymakers team in the project was to combine the creative search of international architects and the high demands of the client with the constraints of Russian law. It was also important for us to develop an evaluation system so that each contestant's contribution and ideas could be rightly and deeply evaluated by a completely different jury, which included educational experts as well as foreign and Russian architects.
The 6 bureaus specializing in educational design reached the final. The jury awarded the winning concept to the consortium of Atelier PRO and architectural bureau Druzhba.
The winning concept is based on the idea of a "continuous educational landscape", where each element of the school contributes to the education and interaction between students.