khodynskoye polye

a young park with an active community around it

how to turn a green wasteland into a park for young people with a busy and popular programme?

The history of the Khodynskoye Polye park is unusual. It is a young park, created on the initiative of residents in place of the first Moscow aerodrome. In order to transform it into a high-quality, contemporary recreation zone which meets people’s needs, Citymakers conducted research and identified a number of key problems: strong wind and noise; insufficient greening; the absence of a developed socio-cultural programme and events infrastructure and low-quality services with little diversity. To solve these problems, we proposed the concept ‘Khodynskoye Polye Park flies day and night’: a young park with an active community and lively events at any time of day year-round. In order to form the park’s identity, set out a communications strategy for Khodynka and create a new image for the territory in residents’ minds we selected a number of key themes: ‘aviation’, ‘contemporary digital technology’, ‘sport’ and ‘urban ecology’. Using these themes, we developed a detailed programme for the park.